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Remote Reorganisation: How to Use Video to Support a Company Restructuring

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to perform dramatic, unexpected changes to balance the books, manage increasing workloads and retain top-performing employees. Now, long after the onset of the pandemic, more organisations are restructuring to survive — and thrive — in the new world of work.

Communicating these changes effectively to both employees and external stakeholders is crucial, so how can different communication mediums be used to describe and explain plans for restructuring?

Why Communicate with Videos during a Restructure?

Video is one of the most effective and engaging formats to communicate in. If your company is adopting a flexible working model or undergoing another form of restructure, asynchronous communication will quickly become a crucial aspect of your operations. Synchronous communication like conference calls aren’t always convenient — especially when handling complex situations like a company reshuffle — making effective asynchronous messaging a necessity. 

Text-based communications like emails can feel impersonal and offer little incentive for engagement, but video creation platforms for businesses can greatly enhance your asynchronous communications. 

Videos outperform traditional communication mediums in terms of detail, emotion, and clarity. When used correctly, asynchronous videos can be highly effective during a restructure:

  • More Opportunities for Personalisation — Visual storytelling has a more personal feel than a blanket email or other text-based announcements. Seeing and hearing another human — whether that’s a colleague or the CEO — explain the company’s new circumstances can help build a sense of unity instead of leaving employees and stakeholders feeling powerless or forgotten about.
  • Positivity and Sincerity — Important information is conveyed most effectively when the audience can read the subject’s facial expressions and body language. Messages about corporate restructuring delivered via video are the next best thing to delivering them in person, which can make the announcement of changes inspiring and exciting instead of being something to worry about.
  • Greater Detail and Clarity — The written word isn’t always effective in portraying emotion or context. Long-winded or verbose announcements aren’t engaging, whereas video-based presentations help explain company-wide changes more effectively while retaining the interest and engagement of the audience.

How and When to Use Videos for Restructuring

Video messages can support your updates when managing a complicated restructuring process. Here’s how you can use videos to make sure your planned changes go smoothly:

  1. Announce Changes of Personnel

Restructuring can come about for numerous reasons, from strategic alterations to those changes born out of pure necessity. Part of any company restructuring is personnel changes. When new employees arrive at your organisation, the best way to introduce them is through video, either created by themselves or their immediate superior. That way, your staff can immediately get to know them quickly, recognise them if they meet virtually or in real life and start working together effectively.

  1. Provide Context for Restructuring

If employees don’t know why changes are being made within your organisation, rumours or speculation can start to damage your company culture, something you’ve no doubt worked tirelessly to establish. Videos that accompany critical updates can help explain complex organisational or departmental restructuring and relate the changes to your organisation’s goals for the future.

  1. Reassure External Stakeholders

Clients, customers and shareholders should be made aware of dramatic changes within your organisation that affect your ongoing relationship with them. It’s best to get ahead of potential concerns by addressing them transparently and in a dignified manner. Broadcasting small internal changes to external stakeholders isn’t necessary, but keeping relevant parties in the loop is a courtesy they’ll appreciate. A video message succinctly describing the changes — and framing them in a positive light — is a great way to manage this important aspect of your restructuring process.

Using Video to Enhance Internal Communications

Taking a measured approach to your communications at a time of change is essential. Video can support your efforts in maintaining productivity and morale when change is afoot. Using well-presented, professional-looking videos can make a successful restructuring a lot easier to manage, motivating, reassuring and inspiring internal and external stakeholders.

Author Bio:

Marianne Bratt Ricketts is the CEO & Founder of VIBBIO, a Scandinavian technology company on a mission to provide the most efficient form of communication for businesses. By creating an accessible and affordable video creation platform for the workplace, VIBBIO enables fast-paced organisations to achieve their internal communication and engagement goals through video.

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