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Have you got any feedback for us? Sometimes we make mistakes so if you spot something please let us know and we’ll correct it as soon as possible.

If you have any suggestions for us or you would like to see us write about a particular let us know, we love it when our readers get interact with us.

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The Work Cycle is all about empowering our visitors and equipping them with the skillsets to forge a path in business. We do this through informative blogging on a wide range of business related topics covering everything from Consultancy to Business Management. We also encourage our visitors and also guest writers to get involved, with that in mind let’s discuss guest posting and sponsored advertising and PR.

By opening up our blog to contributors we can share more high quality business news and also provide writers with a platform to share their work and give their profile exposure. Check out our blueprint for creating content out readers will love:

Add a bio to your submissions

If you don’t currently have your own blog, start one! To establish yourself as a successful writer and carve out your space on the web you need a niche, the more specialised the better. Readers love to know who the person is behind the content they are reading so write a compelling bio, this will be at the foot of all your posts.

The important thing is that if you contribute some content, whether to this platform or any other platform, you can be identified and credited as the author (if that’s part of the agreement) and your authority can be ratified via a simple link to an established online presence.

Post topics/themes

It’s obvious but ensure your submissions are on-topic and follows the theme of our site. Our focus is very much on business and the myriad of topics that surround it. As it’s a very broad topic there’s endless possibilities that you can write about – even better if it’s something in current affairs.


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Tips for getting published

Whilst we don’t enforce rules for guest posts we do ask they adhere to some guidelines. You will have more chance of being published if you’re content ticks the following boxes:

  • Your article/post is 750 words or more
  • You reference studies or facts
  • Readers will be able to take away actionable advice after they’ve read your post
  • You split up your article with headings, sub headings, bullet points and quotes

Thanks for reading, we look forward to your submissions. Either fill out the form or email us at and we’ll aim to respond within 24 hours.

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