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How to Make Clear Span Buildings for Your Business

Using clear span buildings in your business has numerous benefits. The good thing is that they are an excellent fit in many sectors such as warehousing, automotive, furniture, food and beverage, and retail among others. So, what are clear span buildings?

These are large structures made of materials like steel, PVC, and fabric. The materials depend on the design of the clear span structure or the preference of the client. Additionally, these structures are relatively tall, and this allows air to circulate around the building, thus saving on energy expenses.

So, how do you make clear span buildings to take your business to the next level? This post has the insights for you.

Choosing a Service Provider for Clear Span Buildings

The most essential step in making clear span buildings is choosing a service provider. Whether you are from the UK, where these structures are very popular, or any other part of the world, it is easy to find a good service provider. Start your research by browsing the web. You are likely to encounter Smart-Space, a temporary structure company in the UK and neighboring regions.

When looking for a perfect company to help your business grow, look at the services they offer such as making customized clear span buildings, offering prefabricated structures for hire, and doing repairs among others. Also, check if they have worked for popular clients in your region who can endorse their services.

Choosing the Right Materials

As mentioned, clear span buildings are made using a variety of temporary materials. The client gets to choose what they want as dictated by factors such as cost, type of business, and preference.

·  Steel structures – These are the most durable, and they are relatively costly compared to the other materials. These large structures are made using steel frames and panels from the walls to the roof. Usually, these come in a rectangular shape, but the roof has an apex especially if your area experiences snow.

·  PVC structures – These are becoming common because they are durable, cheap to maintain, and functional. The structure requires some kind of framing, which can be steel. Reputable companies have developed double-layered walls and roofs that have insulation in between. PVC clear span buildings provide a mix of affordability and quality.

·  Fabric structures – Clear span buildings made of fabric are becoming popular for warehouses, vehicle garages, and other industrial functions. They are the most affordable, and they can last for many years. If you are planning to use them for a short period, hiring is the best solution. Fortunately, you can get them at affordable prices from a reliable company.

Comparing Prices of Clear Span Buildings

It is always good to compare prices of services from different clear span buildings providers. If it is possible, narrow your list down to a few companies and discuss the cost of setting up your preferred structures on your premises. This may involve getting a detailed quote after the experts visit the site to see the amount of space that you have and the groundwork that is needed. If you want to hire clear span buildings, go for ones without hidden charges to save on costs.

Ordering and Setting Up

Just like any other temporary structures, custom clear span buildings take a short time to make. Modular clear span buildings and ones for hire take an even shorter time to be delivered. The service provider will confirm the number of days it will take to make the clear span buildings that you have ordered.

Infographic created by DuroVac – osha compliant vacuum


By now, any entrepreneur knows what it takes to make clear span buildings. The most essential tip is to hire a reliable and reputable company to help you walk through the journey. With this, you will have the best temporary structures on your premises.

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