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Germ Hot Spots In Your Workspace

With “pandemic” and “quarantine” becoming part of our regular vocabulary, the standards for cleanliness in workplaces, from corporate offices to home desks, are rapidly changing. Maintaining a sanitized work environment is not only critical for productivity but also plays a crucial role in making impressions on clients and preserving the health of both employees and individuals. Surprisingly, a workstation can be a hotspot for germs, potentially carrying up to 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Understanding the risk of exposure to harmful microorganisms is key, but it’s equally important to know how to counteract it. Maintaining cleanliness in your workspace, whether it’s a dedicated office or a corner of your dining area, is essential for health. Frequent handwashing, disinfecting areas that are often touched, and using safe cleaners are all practical ways to combat the spread of infectious germs. To gain more insights into potential bacterial hotspots, take a look at our detailed resource.

Infographic created by Cascade Building Services, trusted office cleaning in Portland
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