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5 important Facts about Social Workers and Law in Portland

People often look at lawyers as calculative and money minded. However, critical the profession is some lawyers work for society’s benefit. Have you heard of lawyers who accept payments only after the case settles with compensation from the negligent party? Check out with the lawyer at Portland, and you would not even be charged for a consultation call.

Many law firms are working with social workers, and it can be voluntary or on a paid basis. Whatever is the understanding between both. 

  1. What are the requirements or qualifications to be a Social Worker?

-Bachelor’s degree in Social Work

-Postgraduate degree in Social Work

-Phd in Social Work

-Associated no. of hours on the field.

2. Apart from these educational qualifications, Social Workers should possess the following soft skills.

– Active Listening

Active listening helps in understanding the problem with an open mind. 


Empathy towards individuals is a necessary trait to understand an individuals issue.


Communication plays a vital role in conveying the necessary sentiments. In cases where you deal with children, they need more empathy in the communication. Similarly, dealing with older adults would need understanding and critical thinking. In short, they should help individuals relieve their sufferings and commit to societal justice.

3. What are the main objectives of a Social Worker?

Social Workers are trained to assist people in various matters. Few mentioned below:

-Mental Health

-Age-related issues

-Physical disability

-Disaster relief




-Medical assistance

-Domestic Violence

-Child labour and protection

-Alcohol and drug addiction

-Empowering the low-income group individuals

The list is still long.

4. What are the associated things social workers do?

-Social worker work with the client or the subject directly

-Social workers work in association with a law firm 

-Social workers serve voluntary service during Disaster Management and relief

-They provide mental assistance to the victims

-They research their field of expertise

-They propose policy solutions

5. What can a Social worker do in a legal setting?

-Act as a consultant in criminal or civil cases

-Recommend ideation to police, lawyers, and judges

-Expert witnesses in some instances


Social Workers generally work around their field of expertise and in a particular geographical location.

There are many ways you can have corporate social responsibilities in place for your organisation. But having a social worker in place under legal establishments will give it more credibility and ethics. It will also bring a new perspective in identifying and dealing with any issue.

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