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10 Simple Things to Do to Improve Productivity When Working from Home

Working from home can sometimes be challenging because many of us may find it difficult to exhibit the same degree of concentration that we have while in our workplaces. This will ultimately affect our productivity. Here are ten ways on how we can change this drawback:

Operate on A Schedule

Operating on a set schedule helps differentiate between work and home time. Having clear boundaries will enable you to only focus on work during the allocated time. It is critical to consider when you are most productive or, if you have an employer, when they might need you.

Have a Specific Workplace

While working from home, as much as it is tempting, you shouldn’t work from your couch or any other relaxing place. A suitable workplace is one with practical furniture that reminds your body to stay alert. This can be a place with proper natural light and an ergonomic chair that may help prevent fatigue.

Drinking Tea

Drinking tea before starting work is amongst the best ways to heighten alertness and eliminate fatigue. A good recommendation is loose leaf tea. It will give you a lovely aroma and maximum health benefits. There are many online tea and coffee shops where one can purchase them, such as here.

Limit Distractions

We all have loved ones, pets, or even machines that can prove to be quite distracting. However, we can limit our interactions with people by setting up boundaries, such as locating times where you are not to be disturbed or using headphones that could help drown out the background noise.

Make a To-Do-List

Having a to-do list will help you set doable goals by the end of the day. It will not only help you in getting the motivation to work consistently but will also help you get things done in a systematic way that shows results.

Take a Walk

Sometimes, especially while working from home, you might need a break from the everyday surroundings. It is healthy to improve how enthusiastic you are, and at the same time, relax your minds and body. After a couple of hours working, a walk to a nearby tea and coffee shop will do the trick, especially if you opt for loose leaf tea.

Dress Appropriately

Working from home comes with a lot of benefits. However, it is essential for you to prepare yourself psychologically for the day ahead. It may represent a gateway that separates work and the rest of your day. Therefore, after a tasty cup of tea, be it tea bags or loose leaf tea, getting out of your pajamas, taking a quick shower and dressing appropriately will set you up for the day.

Rewarding Accomplished Tasks

After a long day of working towards achieving your set goals, it may be beneficial to have small rewards that provide the needed motivation to work again the following day.

Using Phones

Communicating with colleagues through phone calls instead of writing long emails can help build connections and enhance your productivity.

Have a “Fake Commute”

A fake commute refers to our routines when we wake up that help us throughout the day. It could be a workout, a walk to that tea and coffee shop, or even meditation. Anything that will help you get moving and while talking about this a very interesting article I seen here walking vs driving which discusses walking as part of your routine but also how people view walking compared to driving.

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In Conclusion

You may not be working from home as a choice but as a result of health regulations. These ten simple things listed above will effectively help you maintain your work ethics and increase productivity. It is simple, be intentional with how you spend your time and order from an online tea and coffee shop to prevent unnecessary interactions during these pandemic times.

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