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Ways To Upgrade Warehouse Security

Robust warehouse security is a vital aspect of a successful commercial enterprise. Stored goods must be kept under lock and key. Inventory must be carefully maintained. The property should be thoroughly protected with a state-of-a-the-art surveillance system and trained personnel. All these safety measures — as well as more like them — are essential, especially in this day and age. 

As such, they must be upgraded to be in line with the newest standards: Otherwise, they could fall prey to criminals with advanced methods or hackers who have spotted flaws in the business’s security procedures. In 2020, stolen goods from warehouses made up 14% of all global cargo theft. Another concerning factor for businesses is that the stolen cargo is hard to track, with less than 20% being recovered. As a result of these rampant criminal actions, the United States alone sees a loss of $15 to $30 billion each year.

Below is a brief look into why implementing defensive measures is so important, along with a few modern approaches to warehouse security.

 Warehouse Security Safety 101 from Blue Eye, a storage facility security company
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