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The Huge Cost of Bad Hires — And How to Stop It

It is well known that hiring the wrong employee can be costly to your organization – but just how costly? Consistent turnover can affect almost every part of an organization. Hiring mistakes hurt morale, productivity, customer relationships and brand image. Once a company acquires a reputation for having heavy turnover, it will be seriously challenged to attract new talent, new customers and even suppliers.

So why are companies making poor decisions when it comes to the hiring process? One issue for many companies is time, or a lack thereof. Many organizations need to fill a role in a hurry if somebody leaves unexpectedly. Too often, hiring managers put urgency before finding the right fit.  The bottom line is that the cost of a bad hire is expensive. It adds up to wasted time, resources, and dollar spent on hiring, onboarding, and managing a poor fit for your company. Not to mention the costs of finding a suitable replacement.

For more on what your organization can do to avoid these hiring mistakes, continue reading below.

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