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The Best WiFi Deals with No Lock-in Contract

In case you don’t want to be locked down on an internet plan, then you need to go for a no-contract deal. These plans are usually based on a month-to-month subscription that you can terminate anytime you wish. Hence, you have the freedom to change your provider without having to settle any exit fees, much like you would if you are tied down to an annual contract plan. This article lists down some of the best WiFi deals with no lock-in contract for you to consider.

Telstra Home Broadband Plans

Telstra is one of the best providers of WiFi deals with no lock-in period. In the past, this ISP was known to implement lengthy contracts but these days, you can already find no contract WiFi deals in their offering. For instance, you may want to subscribe to a plan in the standard speed tier. In this case, go for Telstra’s unlimited data plan that will just cost you under a hundred dollars a month. This is one of the best WiFi deals with no contract because apart from having no data cap, you even get to enjoy Binge Standard and a modem included with the plan In case you don’t want to be locked down on an internet service plan, then you need to go for a no-contract deal.

Dodo Plans

Dodo is an ISP that excels in providing WiFi plans with exceptional speed and flexibility. While they have plans that can lock you down for about a year, they also offer month-to-month options. You may find it surprising that the amount that you have to pay when you subscribe to either of these plans is the same. However, their plans with a lock-in period usually come with a free modem. Their no lock-in contract plans are also available in different speed tiers, from NBN25 to NBN100.

TPG Plans

TPG also offers month-to-month contract plans for their subscribers. One of the best deals that you can find from this provider is their NBN Basic (nbn12) TPG M Bundle that comes with a home phone. This plan will only cost you $49.99 per month but the best part is that you already get to enjoy 100GB of data. This is the perfect plan for those living alone or who only use the internet for basic surfing purposes.

Tangerine Broadband Plans

If you want unlimited data but you don’t want to be locked down on any contract, then you should consider getting an internet plan offered by Tangerine. Aside from unlimited data, they also offer some of the cheapest internet plans that you can find in the market. For instance, you only have to pay $54.90 for their XL Speed Boost broadband plan where you will get to enjoy 40Mbps typical evening speed.

Final Word

The no-contract WiFi deals listed above are only some of the best plans that you can consider if you want to be free from any exit fees should you wish to change providers. Just keep in mind that while no contract plans provide you more flexibility, they can also cost a bit more too. Rest assured that the best providers will see to it that even if you go for a no-contract plan, the reliability and speed of your internet connection will still be optimal.

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