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The Benefits Of Switching Up Your Work Place When You Work Remotely

Working remotely is the practice of employees doing their job from a location that isn’t a central office operated by the employer. This trend has gained momentum during the Covid 19 pandemic, becoming a full-on movement. According to Forbes, 50 per cent of the workforce in the United States alone will soon be remote.

Benefits Of Working Remotely

There are lots of reasons working remotely works for people: better work-life balance, more control over how you work, improved wellbeing, affords opportunities to work for companies you may otherwise not have been able to work for and it offers more flexibility.

Drawbacks of Working Remotely

However, working remotely can have a negative side. Loneliness is cited as one of the greatest drawbacks of remote working. In a study by Totaljobs, 74% of people surveyed said they have struggled with social isolation.

Communication and knowing when to stop working have also been cited as problems facing those working remotely.

Solution To the Struggle of Working Remotely

One potential solution to this is to switch up your workplace when you work remotely. A serviced office From BE Offices offers purpose-built flexible workspace options in prime UK locations. Not only do they offer great locations and agile workspaces, but many offices also have complimentary gyms, fresh fruit and Friday doughnuts.

Benefits of a Flexible Workspace

‘Setting up shop’ in a flexible workspace comes with a host of benefits.


Having the opportunity to connect with others is a prominent reason why people choose to work remotely in a flexible workspace. This can alleviate those feelings of loneliness or isolation and make you feel part of a community.

These environments can also help alleviate feelings of anxiety that stem from social isolation. They facilitate seeing people regularly and making meaningful connections.

Opportunity To Network

Spending time in the common areas of a flexible workspace can provide networking opportunities. Clients are also typically invited to join a full calendar of events and activities, including a health and fitness programme. This facilitates a flow of knowledge and creativity, and collaboration opportunities.

Boosts Creativity

By switching up your remote workplace to a flexible workspace, you may feel creatively invigorated and energised. Working alongside others with new ideas and knowledge can encourage you to see things from a different perspective which can spur you in a new direction, driving your work or business forward.

Optimises Productivity

When working remotely from home, it can be easy to become distracted: chores, children or just general life administration. Working in a flexible workspace eliminates all those distractions (at least for a little while!).

Whether you operate best in an environment of Individual focused work, collaboration or a more informal social setting- all are catered for in a flexible workspace.

Build Structure

A flexible working space allows you to build structure which, in turn, helps to cultivate the work-life balance we are all striving to achieve.

By working in a flexible workspace, you can make a clear distinction between your home and work environment, keeping your personal and professional responsibilities separate.

This can also help you to enforce a clear start and finish time to further keep that boundary between home and work.

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