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Surprise! Surprise! Movies are Actually Good for Health

We all like to kick back every once in a while with our favorite childhood movie or the hyped up movie that we have been waiting for so long. Lets agree nothing can beat relaxing with a bowl of popcorn and world of fantasy.

What if we told you that apart from providing you relaxation and entertainment, movies can actually contribute positively towards your health as well? We are not kidding! So sneaking in a movie or two in your hectic routine can actually help complement with your exercise regime. Here is how:

They are good for your Heart

When you are watching a movie filled with humor, pranks, and all sorts of crazy behaviors, you spend most of the time rolling on the floor laughing like anything. Research says that laughing actually improves the overall health of your heart.

When you start laughing, your stress levels are automatically reduced and the blood flow of your body is significantly improved. This enables proper circulation of blood throughout your entire body.

It Inspires Creativity

One of the most popular genres in the film industry is fantasy. Countless kids and teenagers spend a huge portion of their lives watching movies such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and what not.

As per research, the plus side of watching fantasy movies is that it sparks creativity in viewers. Many children that spent time watching such movies have shown significantly higher levels of creativity.

Improves Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is one’s ability to better understand, empathize and sympathize with others around them. People who love to watch movies that involve drama, tragedy, or the likes of it, have a better chance of developing good levels of emotional intelligence.

When they spend time buried deep inside the storyline of a movie, it helps them understand different aspects of human nature. They then consciously or subconsciously implement them in real life, which allows them better deal with emotions.

Strengthens Your Immune System

Fans of the horror genre can reap benefits from movies as well. According to a study, when you watch horror movies, not only do you enjoy a scare or two but these movies also  increase white blood cells in your body.

White blood cells play a vital role in your immune system. They contribute to quick recovery from injuries and also help you fight off diseases. However, if you are a heart patient or get scared easily, we wouldn’t recommend it for you.

They Reduce Stress

We do not need to tell how important movies can be when it comes to dealing with stress. When you are fed up with the daily routine or things that are simply not going your way, sitting in front of the screen and watching your favorite movie can work magic for reducing your stress.

No matter what sort of problem you might be facing, when you enter the movie world, all your worries simply fade away for the time being. So, why not make use of the phenomenal Spectrum internet plans and watch your all-time favorite movies right away?

They Help Improve your Thought Process

There are many movies out there that challenge you to think outside the box. They compel you to ask the questions that you never would have thought of. For instance, Interstellar was a movie that forced us to question the reality of time as we know it. Sherlock Holmes is a movie that encourages you to observe the little details in life and how they can help you better determine the reality of the things around you.

All in All

There are numerous other mental health benefits of watching movies as well. Now that when you watch a movie and start to feel guilty thinking that you are wasting your time, think about all the health benefits that you are getting out of the fanstasy world.

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