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So, What Kind of Online Help is Out There for Jobseekers?

For anyone seeking a job these days, it is less about looking inside a newspaper, or visiting a job centre in person, unless it is a requirement to do so, but more about how to effectively use a computer. This is because not just are most of the jobs advertised that way, there are apps that can also help you to find a job. For instance, websites such as offer a service which allows you to look at exemplifier examples of CVs that are likely to be successful and provide templates to make it easy and quick to create your own CV. We shall explore the kinds of online help that is available.

Websites offering CV services

The most important part of the job application process is starting it off. In other words, making the best possible first impression. To do this, we need a good CV. Firstly, it is likely to be the way that we apply for the job, and secondly, it will represent a summary of significant qualifications, skills, and experience which can then simply be transferred onto any application form, if applying this way, or referred to when preparing for the interview. However, thinking that it will be a CV that you use to apply for the job, the fact that it is laid out well will be the first opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer. The second opportunity will be in the content you provide. It is a balance here between saying too much and making the CV too long when an employer may be faced with hundreds of other applications to read for a popular post and giving enough away about yourself to make it to the next stage. The trick is, of course, to tailor your CV to the specific job and only mention the things that are relevant to that job, where you can. CV templates provided by online companies will help guide you into including the most important things. You will still have the flexibility to be creative.

Websites advertising jobs

Apart from CV Services which can aid your application for any job, there are also websites where employers can place job adverts. These allow users to search for jobs by genre and within a specified distance of their local area. Your local job centre will know the best ones to sign up to, or a simple search online should reveal the most popular. They are generally free to sign up to and allow jobseekers to study jobs from the comfort of their armchairs. The process of applying for jobs is made even easier with a full prepared CV. Being ready will allow you to apply for lots of jobs in the same day. This in turn improves your odds on finding a job. The contact can be by email right up until the interview stage, which can often initially be online, too. Another advantage of the jobs being online is that a quick comparison is possible between them.

To provide a tip on using websites advertising jobs, it is important to apply quickly to them and not to sit on them for several days, because if the companies are inundated with applications, which in current times they invariably are, then you might find that jobs are closed off well before their deadlines. In some cases, they can be closed off only a few days after they were posted. This makes it particularly important that you have a CV at least drafted, then you only have a cover letter to write. Otherwise, by the time you have done all that, the job could have been closed off. Yes, it really is that competitive. So, have a professionally produced CV ready. You may well wish that you had.

For an article about the letters that accompany CVs in job applications, click here.

Sources for research

The internet provides a powerful research tool. It allows you to find out about companies without asking anyone, without making any phone calls, and without any leg work required. This makes researching companies quicker and easier that it has ever been. Online research makes it an option before you even apply for the job, just as much as it can be a useful tool when preparing for job interviews. Research can prepare you for potential questions about the company to which you are applying, as well as provide you with some questions of your own that you might not have otherwise thought about. The likelihood is that an interviewer will expect you to know something about their company, so it is best that your question is not something that you could have easily researched for yourself.

So, at least three kinds of online help available for jobseekers: CV services, online job adverts, and a place to research the company to which you are applying.

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