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How to Make the Most of Your Headhunter: A Guide for Employers

How can you make the most of your headhunter? Headhunters are specialists – unlike recruiters, they often approach passive candidates (people not currently looking for a new role) in order to source the best person for your vacancy.

A headhunter has a huge network of contacts; some headhunters work in specific industries such as the medical field, but generally speaking they seek talent for executive level jobs.

So, how do you get the most from your headhunter? Let’s find out.

Make Sure the Recruiter Understands the Job and Your Industry

An inherent understanding of your industry is crucial for finding a candidate who is the right fit. Ask for proven examples or case studies that present proof your headhunter or their agency have had success finding candidates within your industry.

At your initial meeting, lead the discussion by asking your headhunter open questions about the industry to ensure they are up to speed on the latest news and any significant changes. Remember this is a partnership so communication is key.

Build a Relationship with Good Recruiters

Use some scrutiny when choosing your headhunters but once you have found an agency that ticks the boxes, begin building the relationship.

Some companies prefer their headhunter to work in the background. They would rather take a hands off approach and be presented with the best of the best candidates once the work has been done. The right headhunter will gain your trust so you can let them get on with the job.

Others employers take a more hands on, involved approach. They like to receive regular communication in how the hunt is going and be offered first refusal on candidates even at the preliminary stages.

The best headhunters can comfortably work to you needs. Eagle Headhunters the job headhunters, for example, will establish exactly how involved you want to be in the process and at what points. This flexibility is key to getting the most out of your headhunter.

Your Experience Matters

Don’t be afraid to offer firm direction to your headhunters when you feel it’s needed. While they are experts in securing talent, no one will know your business quite as well as you do. Perhaps there are small details about a candidate that are a red flag for you – something a headhunter might miss.

Use your experience, combined with your headhunters tools, network and candidate pool to get the best possible results.

Ask Questions

Remove the magic and mystery from the headhunting process. Ask your headhunter exactly how they plan to find the right person for the role. Ask what techniques they will use in their communications, how many phone calls or in person meetings they will have with a candidate before the official interview.

Company Culture & Messaging

It is just as important for your candidate to have a positive and transparent view of the role and your company. Together with your headhunter, ensure that the role looks appealing, but is also entirely honest when it comes to duties, company culture, expected working hours and salary.

If there has been anything misleading or ‘too good to be true’ presented to the candidate, you may get to the end of the process and find they are unhappy. This is a waste of time and money.

Communication and transparency are the crucial part of the headhunting process.

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