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How to Increase Your Brand Awareness as a Small Business

There are some vital steps to take when it comes to increasing your brand awareness. It can be tough to always know where to start which is why these marketing and small business experts share some tips to help:

1) Use a Variety of Social Media Platforms

Brandon Hopkins of DiamondLinks says it’s important to post content on multiple social media platforms when trying to increase brand awareness.

“This increases the chance for people to familiarize themselves with your company and to find out information through a variety of avenues. The more social media platforms you are using, the better chance you have of coming across more people’s feed. All platforms are also great for creating unique and engaging content and allow you to be unique with how you present your content based on which platform you are using. It is most important for small businesses to be active on social media in order for people to find you and interact with your content. If you are not, you are decreasing your chances of increasing your brand awareness.”

2) Write Creative Blog Posts

James Parsons of Content Powered believes in the power of high-quality articles!

Many businesses use blog posts to create informative content about their products or services. However, many of these blog posts are frequently missed from not using them in a more creative way. One you write a blog post, expand on it to make it better seen by consumers. You can create infographics, videos or podcast episodes to coincide with the blog post, therefore making the information you post more widely accessible. This helps to increase awareness surrounding your brand, and you have more of a chance of your content being seen and interacted with.”

3) Team-up With Local Influencers

One of the more unique and up and coming ways to increase your brand awareness is to team up with local micro influencers to help market your business, says Donny Gamble of Retirement Investments.

“A micro-influencer, although not big yet, still has a large audience. They can help you with increasing your customer base, and also helping people to get to know your business better. Much of the content that influencers share and create is much more organic. They can help followers to understand your values as a company and make you seem more relatable. Teaming up with influencers taps into a new way to market and is also very engaging. This is especially true when they have followers participate in live videos to ask questions and provide feedback about your product or service.”

4) Build a Great Website

Ben Bozzay of Techlockdown recommends you make sure your website is of the highest quality!

“It might seem obvious that having a good quality website helps with brand recognition, but it needs to be better than good – it needs to be great. There is so much competition out there and especially as a smaller business, you need to make yourself stand out. This means no website glitches, minimal advertisements, it is easy to navigate and every link you post should be functioning. Many customers judge the quality of a business by the content they post and the website they create. People are very visual and they want to be impressed right away. It is also a good idea as a small business to own your website (at least in the beginning) so you can make adjustments as needed as your brand grows.”

5) Hire Professionals

Stephan Baldwin is an experienced professional and the founder of Lead Agent. He knows how important it is to find the right people for your small business.

“Hiring professionals for many aspects of building your brand awareness can be very helpful in ensuring that it is done right. Content creators, digital marketers and SEO specialists are some of the many professionals that can help you take your business to the next level. Sometimes it is not always in the budget to do so, but hiring freelancers part time can be very cost effective and cheaper than hiring in house.”

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