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How to enhance your every day items for business purposes

There are ways in which you can, if you are careful, get some free advertising for your business and your products and increase your sales by offering carefully designed swag to your customers and potential customers alike.

By holding promotional days at fetes in your local area and giving away good quality swag items, you will literally see your business being advertised as you sit there watching the world go by. There are other items, of course, which you will not be giving away whereby you can enhance your business profile by showing off your products or services.

Using your business logo and colors

Being able to use your business logo and colors on products such as T-shirts, jumpers, and more eye-catching items like custom straw hats for your employees to wear can increase your brand exposure. Also, using them as a promotional freebie is a really good idea for putting your brand in front of potential customers as well as the free advertising it will provide for you when the items get worn out and about. You’ll please your employees and win more customers as a result.

Wraps for vehicles

Using vehicle wraps for all your company cars and vans is a great way of getting your business recognized and in front of your would-be customers. Although it is not free to have done, it will pay for itself as the exposure you are getting is relatively small compared to the advertising price you would have to pay to get the same coverage.

There are different styles of vehicle wrap available on the market, from small stickers for car doors and windows to full van wraps, which cover the whole vehicle depending on how much you want to spend, and how eye-catching you want your company vehicles to be.

You will need to remember that if you were to go only for the door stickers, then your business will only be advertised to those who are side on to your vehicles. Whereas if you have a full vehicle body wrap, you will be advertising to those who are head-on and behind as well as those side onto your vehicles.

Wraps for vehicles do have a lifespan as they will, after a time, start peeling, lifting, or cracking, but this does not necessarily damage the paintwork underneath.

Personalized photos

The use of personalized photos on items such as thumb drives, sun visors for vehicles, or items of stationery such as notebooks is another way in which you can promote your brand and stay in your potential customer’s thoughts, especially if you are wise with your choice of photo and have it carried through to your website and any social media profiles you may have.

Being able to give away these types of products within your customers’ orders as swag is a great way of getting those customers to order again and again, especially if they find their freebies useful within their daily lives.

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