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How Public Relations & Owned Media Increases a Nonprofit’s Volunteers & Donors

The most important task for any nonprofit organization is to ensure that their community-oriented initiatives remain sustainable and viable. To do this, nonprofits need to focus on two critical goals on an ongoing basis: increasing their volunteer base and growing their donor count. This isn’t always easy for organizations that operate as not-for-profit entities, however, achieving these two key objectives is vital to supporting financial sustainability. A very effective way to expand both volunteer and donor count is by utilizing public relations and owned media.

What is Public Relations & How does it Benefit a Non-Profit?

Public relations are a form of marketing that entails non-paid, non-personal advisements given to a wide audience about a specific cause or movement. An example of public relations being used for nonprofit organizations would be, if a charity was promoting an upcoming fundraiser, it could send out press releases to newspapers and other media outlets. The media, in turn, would write about the upcoming event and publish the information to their readership.

Public relations (PR) can position a cause or effort by nonprofits in an attractive light and help garner support. The key with nonprofit public relations is to show how the nonprofit organization’s mission or cause is a positive for its community. PR campaigns are very effective in this regard because they can be used to craft the messaging in a way which helps form public opinion and understanding. This non-personal type of mass communication can be very effective when trying to engage potential supporters or donors.

Creating the right messaging is especially important for nonprofits when utilizing public relations. Public Relations for nonprofits company “The Blake Agency” has extensive experience crafting highly effective PR campaigns for nonprofit organizations.

What is Owned Media & How does it Benefit a Non-Profit?

On the other hand, “owned media” is a term used to describe any type of content or communication which is published by the nonprofit organization itself. This can include the organization’s website content, including blog posts, updates on social media platforms, and even videos – both on the nonprofit’s website and on platforms such as YouTube.

Unlike PR campaigns, owned media initiatives gives nonprofits a platform to share their story directly to potential donors and volunteers in a way that is more personal. When done correctly, owned media campaigns help to build audiences and engage directly with the people who are likely to be interested in sharing the nonprofits’ goals and mission. Utilizing owned media is also a great way to showcase volunteer opportunities, share testimonials from supporters or donors, and promote upcoming events where people can get involved. When non-profits produce videos, it is highly effective in building awareness of the organization’s cause through storytelling. This is an especially effective medium for appealing to potential volunteers and donors.

Owned media incorporates many potential channels, all of which have their own unique way of engaging with audiences, so it can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. The Blake Agency has wide-ranging experience creating highly focused and platform-specific content marketing strategies that provide exposure and engagement for nonprofit organizations.

Get a Winning Combination of Owned Media & Public Relations for Nonprofits

Both public relations and owned media are powerful tools that can be used by nonprofits to increase volunteerism and donations from individuals and businesses. When utilized correctly, these strategies can help non-profits build awareness for their mission or cause and attract support from the community.

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