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Are Your Business Guides Really Helping Clients Retire Their Money?

“At The Business Guides, there is a fresh approach to guiding business owners through the often confusing business world to financial security. We are CPAs and accountants who take an active proactive role through the entire life of their business clients, not only during tax time. We believe in proactive planning, preparing, planning, because without it, there are less surprises and more chances at profitable year end. At the Business Guides, we believe in supporting our customers and clients, and that with CPAs and accountants on your team, you have someone who will help you every step of the way in creating a financially secure future for you and your business.

“When clients move forward on their own, they often think about investing, growing their businesses, hiring people, protecting their families, protecting assets, or saving money. Unfortunately, many fail to fully consider the most obvious way to achieve financial freedom: creating their personal financial systems that provide stability for both income and estate. At the Business Guides we strongly believe that CPAs and accountants should be a part of this plan, with clients in mind, when they are looking for ways to successfully retire and/or protect wealth.” – Karen Meislik, Certified Public Accountant, KPMG, Inc.

“The Business Guides provides CPAs and accountants with a unique, practical training tool to help them design and implement comprehensive financial strategies for retirement and/or growth of small business owners.” – Pam Hendrixson, Certified Public Accountant, KPMG, Inc.

“The Business Guides really helped my CPAs and I understand how important it is for CPAs and accountants to have those tools. We can’t leave it to our clients. We need to teach them as well. We need to make sure our financial systems are sound and are geared to help our clients succeed. This is the only way to do that.”

“CCPA and CPA examiners can help small business owners create the best financial plans. They can also provide additional insight and critical guidance about how to stay financially healthy during economic times. They can offer alternative options that might be more appropriate than what clients want to do.” – Karen Meislik, Certified Public Accountant, KPMG, Inc.

“Books and online information are not enough to help small business owners successfully retire their client’s money. We need comprehensive training programs. These programs should include guides with detailed plans to help clients achieve financial success. This kind of training would go a long way toward making clients financially independent. And, it would certainly guarantee that clients would be more inclined to follow the advice offered.”

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