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5 Best Casual Outfit to Wear for Work

Traditionally, going to work required an official outfit. Corporations required workers to dress in suits and skirts when going to work. However, in recent years, organizations have been more forgiving and flexible regarding working attire. For this reason, people get to experiment with their work attire. Currently, with the right combination, you can throw on a casual piece of clothing while going to work

Below are some ideas of the best casual outfits to wear for work.

Blue skinny jeans with ruffled herringbone jacket

Combining these two pieces may be the best casual outfit idea for work ever. You may have heard of the no jeans rule that most corporate offices have. However, this pairing may be the best way to get around this rule. Most of the time, this rule is set in place because jeans often look too casual. However, pairing them with something like a white t-shirt and a herringbone jacket may go a long way in making them look appropriate for the workplace. The type of jeans you choose will also make a significant difference. Wide-leg jeans would be perfect in this case, especially if they are dark.

A halter top with a pencil skirt and blazer

A halter top is not the ideal office attire. This is because it leaves your back exposed. This counts for showing too much skin in the workplace. Most people, therefore, refer to these attires as casual and inappropriate for the office. However, with a blazer and the right piece of clothing at the bottom, you can rock this casual outfit for work. Pairing a halter top with a nice blazer and pencil skirt gives it a great professional look. Therefore, it is a great casual outfit for the workplace. A printed halter top can give you an incredible visual effect.

Sleeveless top and blazer

Like halter tops, sleeveless tops are also commonly considered inappropriate work clothing. This is also because they show too much skin. However, with a great blazer on top, you can comfortably wear your sleeveless top to work on any day. You can add a bit of flair and drama to your outfit by going for a ruffled sleeveless top. You may also want to creatively play around with the colors to achieve a great look.

The denim jacket with skirt

It is common knowledge that denim is not one of the top outfit choices for work. Denim does not make a fabulous official outfit. It is more of a casual piece for a variety of occasions except for work. However, it all depends on what you pair the jacket with. For instance, you can pair your denim jacket with an official skirt and a pair of heels. This will give it a professional look, making it a perfect outfit for work.

Tank top with jeans and a blazer

A tank top with jeans is not an outfit that you can typically wear to the office. However, throwing a blazer on top of the tank top will give it a proper appeal. You can go a step further and add a pair of heels or stilettos. Doing this will help you create the perfect semi-official outfit for work. You can wear this outfit on Friday. This way, when evening comes, you can easily transition from work to the club or a night out with your friends without having to change. You can also wear this outfit on work trips because it is comfortable and decent.

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Final word

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