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10 Creative Ways to Use Personalised Videos to Engage Customers

If you are interested in creating video marketing content, you should be aware of all of the different types of videos you can make for your company. One of the more unique and exciting video types that you can use right now is personalised videos.

Personalised videos allow you to approach your target audience in a more unique and creative way. These videos will help you stand out from your competitors and allow your viewers to feel more engaged with your brand.

When you get to use these personalised videos in creative ways, you will be able to truly engage audiences in a way that is just not possible with traditional videos.

This article will be your guide to creating the best personalised videos for your customers by giving you 3 reasons why you should make them in the first place and the 10 creative ways you can use them to engage customers.

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What are Personalised Videos?

Personalised videos are videos that are custom made for specific viewers. They can be curated using historical data gathered from your customers.

Companies can integrate personal elements like the viewer’s name, photo, company, job title, email, etc. directly onto the video that is sent to them.

What makes personalised videos so appealing to both companies and audiences is that they make viewers feel unique and special.

When you have personalised elements in a video, it can surprise them and make them feel more engaged with your video and even with your company as a whole.

3 Reasons Why You Should Create Personalised Videos

  1. You can attract customers in a more unique way with personalised videos.

With social media becoming so prominent these days to everyone, consumers have the ability to become closer to everything and everyone they support. This can also apply to how people behave towards companies that they are a fan of.

This means that these consumers want to have a positive relationship with brands that they like, especially those that reach out to them personally.

If you want to gather these positive responses from your target customers, your personalised videos are a great way to communicate a specific personal message just for them.

When you use a personalised video, you can include a dynamic message and call to action which will attract them in a more unique way.

  1. You will do a better job of connecting with audiences through personalised videos.

Having access to the most valuable insights and information from your customers allows you to provide them with the best customer experience possible when watching videos.

Making the most out of the data you have from all of your marketing channels and using it in personalised videos help you with acquiring, retaining, and building loyalty with customers.

What makes personalised videos great as a marketing tool is that they can help you cut through all the other online clutter and allow you to build a deeper connection immediately with audiences that are either old or new.

  1. Personalised videos can help you drive more engagements.

Nowadays, video marketing can be really challenging since you have to compete with a lot of different content online to attract the attention of your target audience.

When you create personalised videos, you have an effective way of standing out among all of the other online content and videos that viewers consume.

Personalised videos give you the opportunity to reach customers at the most personal level you can achieve online by incorporating personal elements that they will appreciate.

When your viewers get to watch a personalised video made for them, they get to receive a tailored message that is specifically made for them. This catches their attention and keeps them engaged with your video’s content.

10 Creative Ways to Use Personalised Videos to Engage Customers

  1. Personalised Videos in Email Marketing

Your email marketing efforts can become even more effective when you make them personalised.

While you can simply just personalise it by including their name, industry, job position in the email’s body, displaying this information in a video can truly elevate the interaction with your customer.

You can have a lot of different ways to boost your email campaigns with personalised  videos. One thing you can do is to personalise your offers based on your customer’s information.

It will be easy to do this when you have tools that automate all the necessary information to make the process more efficient.

  1. Video Introductions

For customers that do not know much about your company, introduction videos are a great way to reveal your brand to them. If you are looking to make these videos more engaging, you can personalise them.

These personalised videos will make it easier for consumers to attach a face to a name. Since the presenter will address the viewer personally, it will also make it easier for them to remember their name and your company.

You can have a simple and straightforward welcome message or you can think of more creative ways to pleasantly surprise your customer.

  1. Product Demonstrations

For customers that have already expressed interest in your company and its products, you can create personalised product demonstrations made just for them.

This can be a great engagement opportunity especially if they requested a demonstration in the first place because you can create a personalised video that will demonstrate how your product or service will fulfill the specific needs their company is looking for.

  1. Event Invitations

Using personalised videos will also be a great help when you are trying to send out invitations to your company events, conferences, seminars, and webinars. You can easily create short video invitations that would include the names of the guests you are inviting.

This may seem like a simple or even unnecessary gesture, but adding that layer of personalisation can help you establish a deeper connection and relationship with your event attendees.

  1. Customer Feedback and Support Videos

Personalised videos can also be used to engage with your current customers as well. After they have made a purchase, you can follow up with them by using a personalised video.

You can create a video that includes their name and the specific purchased product which they can give their feedback on. This allows them to feel more engaged and more likely to give their honest feedback about the product since you took the time to address them personally.

  1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos that are personalised can work great for B2B marketing because it can be an effective way for you to engage with and talk directly to a prospective customer.

A personalised explainer video gives you the opportunity to showcase the most helpful and relevant features your product has to the potential client.

This means that you can create several personalised explainer videos which will focus on specific features that will be the most relevant to a specific company or consumer.

  1. Thank You Videos

It is important that you are able to engage with customers even after their purchases. A personalised thank you video is a great way to keep them engaged and retain them for a long-term relationship.

This can just be a simple video which includes your customer’s information like their name, business, or even their donation amount if you are a foundation. This allows you to show appreciation while treating this customer as an individual.

  1. Year-End Review Videos

When customers get to use apps or products frequently throughout the year, these apps are able to gather accurate information about their habits and behavior.

Brands that are capable of gathering all of this information can create personalised year-end review videos which go over the achievements and habits of the consumer throughout the year.

  1. Personalised Videos For Groups

While you can create personalised videos for individuals, you can also create personalised videos for groups as well.

The information you can use and incorporate into the video can include the company’s name, logo, and some of the employees of the company as well. You can create these videos if you want to address a specific group in a company instead of just an individual.

  1. Anniversary or Celebration Videos

Personalised anniversary or celebration videos allow brands and social media platforms to engage with their customers by showing them the important milestones they experienced when using their application or website.

These personalised anniversary videos can include important dates like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and friendship anniversaries on the website.

Hopefully, all 10 of these creative ways to create personalised videos can inspire you to create your own videos which you can use to effectively engage with your customers.

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